ALCHEM (Architecture Lab for Creative High-performance Energy-efficient Machines) at USC focuses on computer architecture, its interactions with software/systems and the implication of emerging technologies. Our research takes a vertical approach and considers multifaceted aspects to realize the vision of correct, high performance and energy efficient intelligent systems. The unique vertical approach tackles the challenges by focusing on the interactions across multiple system stacks including applications, programming model, runtime/compiler, architecture and emerging technology. This approach fully exploits all the opportunities that are not sufficient, or even possible if only one system layer is considered. We are currently working on several topics including Correctness of Concurrency, Data Movement and Performance, Architectural Supports for Irregular Applications, Embedded Intelligence, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) Systems and Stochastic Computing for Machine Learning.


News and Events

April 2017
One paper accepted to appear in ATC 2017.
Feb 2017
First NSF proposal funded (CISE: CRII).
Jan 2017
Xuehai Qian is organizing the first Architecture for Graph Processing (AGP-1) Workshop at ISCA 2017. Please consider submitting!
Nov 2016
Two papers accepted to appear in ASPLOS 2017.
Oct 2016
One paper accepted to appear in HPCA 2017.
Aug 2016
Xuehai Qian is organizing a new Computer Engineering Research Seminar.
Aug 2016
New students Chao Wang, Youwei Zhuo and Seyedeh Hanieh Hashemi joined our group.
Jul 2016
One paper accepted to appear in OSDI 2016.
Apr 2016
One paper accepted to appear in ICS 2016.
Aug 2015
Xuehai Qian joined USC.