Homeworks and Programming Assignments

There are 10 paper assignments and 5 programming assignments in total.

The materials are from previous sessions and may subject to change. Please download them again after date out.

Submission Instructions

  • 1.Upload your homework to Google Drive and share with grader (shubhamb@usc.edu).
  • 2.FIll in your name and solution in HW PA
  • 3.Email TA (zhuoyw12@gmail.com) for record.
  • Assignment Date out Date due
    [Programming 1] Jan 19th Jan 26th
    [Homework 1][Solution] Jan 24th Feb 7th
    [Programming 2] Jan 28th Feb 5th
    [Course Project] Feb 9th Mar 2nd (Proposal Due), April 28th (Report Due)
    [Homework 2][Solution] Feb 7th Feb 14th
    [Homework 3][Solution] Feb 16th Feb 28th
    [Programming 3] Feb 16th Mar 7th
    [Homework 4][Solution] Mar 4th Mar 10th(Submit Problem 2 and 7)
    [Midterm 1]
    [Homework 5][Solution] Mar 16th Mar 23th(Submit Problem 4 and 7)
    [Homework 6][Solution] Mar 24th Mar 31th(Submit Problem 2)
    [Midterm 2]
    [Homework 7][Solution] Apr 1st Apr 7th(Submit Problem 3 and 4)(Solution 4b wrong, should be the same as 4a)
    [Homework 8][Solution] Apr 8th Apr 14th(Submit Problem 3 and 5)
    [Homework 9][Solution] Apr 15th Apr 21th(Submit Problem 4 and 6)
    [Homework 10][Solution] Apr 23th Apr 28th(Submit Problem 3 and 7)