Computer Engineering (CENG) Seminar

Coordinator: Prof. Xuehai Qian

These seminars supported by the Ming Hsieh Institute.

Fall 2016

Date Location Speaker Title Resources
September 1 OHE 100D Dean Tullsen
University of California, San Diego
Architecting More Power-Efficient Datacenters By Removing the Peaks [video]
September 8 OHE 100D Todd Millstein
University of California, Los Angeles
Invariant Inference for Program Specification and Verification [video]
September 15 OHE 100D Rajiv Gupta
University of California, Riverside
Parallel Graph Processing on GPUs, Clusters, and Multicores [slides][video]
September 22 OHE 100D Rajeev Alur
University of Pennsylvania
Quantitative Policies over Streaming Data [video]
September 29 OHE 100D Tarek A. El-Ghazawi
The George Washington University
Hierarchical Locality and Parallel Programming in the Extreme Scale Era [slides][video]
October 6 OHE 100D Vivek Sarkar
Rice University
Software Challenges for Extreme Scale Systems, or how to play the End-Game for Moore's Law [video]
October 13 OHE 100D Josep Torrellas
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Toward Extreme-Scale Manycore Architectures [slides][video]
October 20 OHE 100D Subhasish Mitra
Stanford University
Robust Systems: From Today to the N3XT 1,000X [video]
October 27 OHE 100D Mattan Erez
University of Texas, Austin
Toward Exascale Resilience: Hardware Mechanisms and Containment Domains [slides][video]
October 28 EEB 248 Lin Zhong
Rice University
The mess at the hardware/software boundary
October 31 EEB 248 Haibo Chen
Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Virtualization Security: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly [slides]
November 10 OHE 100D Jason Cong
University of California, Los Angeles
Customizable Computing at Datacenter Scale [video]
November 17 OHE 100D Nickolai Zeldovich
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Certifying a Crash-Safe File System [video]
December 1 EEB 248 Lorenzo Alvisi
Cornell University/University of Texas, Austin
The Pit and the Pendulum [video]
December 8OHE 100D Maurice Herlihy
Brown University
Hardware Transactional Memory and Beyond [slides][video]

Spring 2017

Date Location Speaker Title Resources
January 26 EEB 248 Karu Sankaralingam
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Dynamically Synthesized Accelerators: Achieving Hardware  Efficiency and Software Programmability [video]
February 24 RTH 109 Christos Kozyrakis
Stanford University
No Tradeoff: Reconciling Low Latency and High Efficiency [slides][video]
March 3 EEB 248 Peter Kogge
University of Notre Dame
Big Data, Streaming Graphs, and the Need for Innovations in Architecture [video]
March 24 EEB 248 Gu-Yeon Wei
Harvard University
Cognitive IoT: From RoboBees to Machine Learning on the Edge [video]
April 27 EEB 248 David Brooks
Harvard University
Computer Architectures for Deep Learning Applications [slides][video]
May 4 EEB 248 Mahesh Balakrishnan
Yale University
The FuzzyLog Approach to Building Distributed Services [video]

Fall 2017

Date Location Speaker Title Resources
August 31 EEB 132 Rakesh Kumar
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
Ultra Low Power Computing in the IoT Era [slides][video]
September 7 EEB 132 Zhenman Fang
University of California, Los Angeles
Towards Accelerator-Rich Architectures and Systems [slides][video]
September 14 EEB 132 Yufei Ding
University of California, Santa Barbara
High-Level Program Optimizations for Data Analytics. [slides][video]
September 21 EEB 132 Clark Barrett
Stanford University
Dramatic Improvements in Pre-silicon and Post-silicon Validation of Digital Systems with Quick Error Detection and Formal Methods [video]
September 28 EEB 132 Kunle Olukotun
Stanford University
Scaling Machine Learning Performance with Moore's Law [video]
November 9 EEB 132 Nikita Borisov
University Of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Refraction Networking: Censorship Circumvention in the Core of the Internet [video]
November 20 EEB 132 Margaret Martonosi
Princeton University
End of Moore’s Law Challenges and Opportunities: Computer Architecture Perspectives [video]
November 21 EEB 248 William H. Robinson
Vanderbilt University
A Cross-Layered Approach to Design Reliable Hardware for Computing Systems
November 30 EEB 132 Engin Ipek
University of Rochester
Memristive Accelerators for Data Intensive Computing: From Machine Learning to High-Performance Linear Algebra [video]

Spring 2018

Date Location Speaker Title Resources
February 9 EEB 248 Rajeev Balasubramonian
University of Utah
Memory Defenses -- the Elevation from Obscurity to Headlines [slides][video]
March 2 EEB 132 Luis Ceze
University of Washington
Borrowing from Nature to Build Better Computers: DNA Data Storage and Near-Molecule Processing
April 20 RTH 109 Trevor Mudge
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
The Explosion in Neural Network Chips [slides][video]
May 29 TBD Julian Shun
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Theoretically Efficient Parallel Graph Algorithms Can Be Fast and Scalable