I am a PhD student working with Prof. Xuehai Qian at the ALCHEM research group, University of Southern California.

I received my B.Eng degree from the Department of Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China.

I am interested in a variety of topics, especially with respect to understanding and creating intelligence. My current work focuses on developing system support to enable faster and more efficient machine learning training. CV.


What's New

  • [2020/2/21] SympleGraph is accepted to PLDI 2020!
  • [2020/1/16] Our new paper on heterogeneity-aware asynchronous decentralized training will appear in ASPLOS 2020!
  • [2019/8/19] Our interview with Dr. Onur Mutlu, receiver of the Maurice Wilkes Award, is published in Communications of the China Computer Federation (CCCF)!
  • [2019/8/12] I've been nominated for the Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship
  • [2019/6/21] I'm going to ISCA 2019! Looking forward to seeing everyone there :D
  • [2019/3/1] Check out my Lightning Talk here on our paper to be presented at ASPLOS'19 this April!